I Present My Beauty to the World (#10)

The Revered Library

I remember a visit to my grade school library as an adult
I literally ran down the hall,
respectfully opened the door
and moved into its wide, open space,
natural light pouring in.

Entranced…I soaked up long-ago joys
as my eyes bounced
from one character to another,
and their feelings washed over me.
I found myself in front of my favorite titles,
fingered their spines, and breathed in their pleasure.
I was a child again. Alive!

My Feet Now Comfortable in my Poet Shoes

I once lived a life where poems were not cherished
so I hid mine from others…and from me,
for I never called them poems, nor me a poet
and I felt ashamed.

But I’ve uncovered hundreds of poems
stashed throughout my house.
Three binders of my best sit atop my shelf
…how could I not have called myself a poet?

Well, those days are over.
Poems appear freely
and with a few tweaks and critiques,
I share them with others.

For the past few years,
I imagined my secret hero was Emily Dickinson
who wrote short poems and hid them,
but now my hero is me,
—and I present my beauty to the world.

What’s in My Library? launches tomorrow!!



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