Library Saturdays (#3) & Book Signing!

Library Saturdays
Every Saturday I’d cozy in my chair
next to a pile of picture books
and study what I had determined
was my beauty
…writing children stories.

I’d read the words,
devour and drool over the art
—still wondering if painting was my beauty—
and take the rhyming books home
…to enjoy again and again.

From Dr. Seuss to Little Blue Truck
I’d laugh and laugh.
But I never wrote rhymes…
well, except for
Bucking Bales,
about a visit to my uncle’s farm,
That Final Cascade Ride,
about a horseback trip where everything went wrong
Squabbling Colors,  about a huddle of angels that
squabbled over which color an artist should use next

…but they were just silly stuff…

My next poem, Haiku…My Saving Grace, will arrive on Wednesday, March 18


Join me at my book signing!

Avid Reader on Broadway
April 25, 2pm
1945 Broadway, Sacramento, CA

Mark your Calendar!  Invite your friends!

You’ll enjoy how this self-published book came about, a few of my poems, cookies and Native-American-style flute music!

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