My Book is Coming! My Book is Coming! (#1)

I’ve been rather quiet on the blog front the past two years searching for the best way to express myself. It was becoming apparent, writing children’s stories was not my best venue. Through a collection of poems, I will share my journey and how I came about to publish my first book, What’s in My Library?

Love, Susan

The Dance with My Picture Book Blog

A prolific children’s story writer, I happened upon
a request for picture book reviewers
and said, Yes! Sign me up!

Soon I launched my own blog,
Books for the Curious Child
and read hundreds of books each month.

Those that spoke to my heart
became my “top shelf” books,
the ones I’d pull down and read
whenever I needed to escape life’s noise.

Books like,
Yuki and the One Thousand Carriers,
Hawk of the Castle,
and Owl Moon.

Writing reviews for three years
taught me well how to promote my book-to-be,
but the prose of it remained a mystery.
I wrote multitudes of stories, poking at issues
in children’s lives, but, alas…
my brilliant, creative masterpieces
did not WOW the makers of books.

…something else was emerging…

My next poem, Blind to My Beauty, will arrive on Wednesday, March 5.


Studying children’s stories for so many years, my book peeks into children’s lives in poems entitled:
Mister Cooper’s Sing-a-Long
Drum for Freedom!
Storytime Toddlers
Dogs’ Days at the Library
Puppet Boy Jack
The 1907 Delta Flood

And there’s a dragon on the front cover! 

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