Top 10 Picture Books of 2016

I easily read more than 1,000 picture books a year to find the very best which I share with you.  The one’s that make this list are those, that at year’s end, I’ve verbally promoted to dozens of people, that I purchased, or that still bring a smile or make my heart skip a beat when I just look at the title.  These are the ones that have stuck with me.  Looking over the titles, I see some are chosen because of the story’s words, some are chosen because story’s art.  Either way, they are my favorites.

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dadcat     ella





How to Cheer Up Dad                     Little Night Cat                    Ella and Penguin Stick Together





Edgar’s Second Word             Henry wants more!                        Chimpanzees for Tea!

chef2piratenorthstarMountain Chef                     Pirate’s Perfect Pet                     One North Star, A Counting Book






The Best Bear in All the World,
A new collection of Winnie-the-Pooh stories

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