What’s In My Library? Launches! …Champagne, Please…

To set your sails for your maiden voyage, read its introduction to learn how a collection of library poems came to be…

Upcoming kitchen remodel
—there’ll be strangers in my private home.
I feel anxious.

How will I survive?
I hear an inner voice, leave the house.
A foolish thought—I ignore it.

Insistent, it repeats,
Leave the house,
but I have nowhere to go…

Leave the house,
it whisper-shouts at me,
so I leave the house.

I drive down random streets.
This is crazy!  I need a safe place.
I hide in a library.

I read poetry,
looking out over the garden
I notice a dragon statue—

an aha moment!
I open my tiny haiku journal
and write two poems.

Released from the voice,
I drive home—an epiphany!
I know how to solve the stranger quandary…

visit twenty-eight
twenty-eight poems!

I chose to self-publish What’s in My Library? using the Sacramento Public Library’s publishing arm, I Street Press.  This enables me to share its proceeds with the library. (Two dollars of each book sold through my website, snail mail or at fairs will be donated to the library.)

To avoid frightening myself silly, my modest goal is to sell 200 books in the Sacramento area.  Any books above that will be pure sweetness to my palette.

If you are a library lover like I am, you’ll enjoy What’s in My Library? Here’s what a former English teacher had to say:

I am so moved at how you captured the nuances of people you observed, and relayed your experience in such a sensory and memorable way — I feel as if I’m with you on these trips.  This is a work of tenderness, humor, and beauty!   

Am also touched – and enlightened – on this reveal of each library’s personality – I didn’t realize many were so unique in what they offer neighborhood residents.

I am also left with a warm feeling glimpsing the mosaic of Sacramento’s diversity and the wonder of books/libraries bringing people together.

With my marketing tools: pre-launch blogs, updated website, press release, book signings, a poetry seminar, book marks and Friends of the Library visits, I launch my book and bravely set sail into seas unknown

I will be stopping at these ports…
April x
April x
April x
For more information and how to order, click here.

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